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It all starts with a spark!

Meet Sparky

Sparky provides a care-taking element and will cheer for you every day. Reminders are customized to suit individual needs.


Lighting the way for habit formation made digital.

Change driven from data

Sparky was born during a collaboration with specialists in behavior change.

Always a Positive tone

Sparky is your friend and will support you throughout your day.

Keep energy levels high

The name of the game is to help Sparky glow.

We are committed to wellbeing.

Our goal is simple: to promote happiness and well-being overall. This is what drives us as a team.

The result of a societal


Sparky was born during a Master course in design-thinking at Openlab, Stockholm 2021.

Interested in trying out Sparky?

Interested in joining the Sparky 1.0
test environment?

We would very much appreciate if you joined the testing grounds!